Alpha CLP is an all-natural clp and gun care system that was developed as much for the challenge as the need.

Consider gun oil like hot sauce.

Once upon a time there was basically only one choice for hot sauce–you know the one from Louisiana in the little red bottle? Now when you go to the grocery store you can stand in awe of all the different brands, each with their own claim to fame, and their own unique colorful and cool packaging. So, which one do you try? If you’re a hot sauce aficionado, you probably systematically try them all, noting the ones you like and the ones you don’t. Well, gun care and oil has, to some extent, become like hot sauce. Basically, there were a couple of choices that dominated the marketplace for as long as anyone could remember. But now there are many different kinds, each with their own special claim of why you should you use their product. Which, in the end is good for the consumer.

I got into the gun culture kind of by accident. Well, literally by accident. To make a long story short, I was an active person in the sense that I enjoyed physical sports, I ran, lifted weights, rode bikes, swam, worked out every day, etc. By doctor’s orders, I became limited in the extent of physical activity I could undertake. So, this is where Alpha CLP started. It was part boredom, part challenge, part new interest, part need. I enjoyed shooting at the range on the weekends, but the more I shot the more I needed to clean my guns. It didn’t take long to realize that, while the old stand-by cleaners worked, each was inadequate in one way or another. For health reasons, I wanted a CLP that was all-natural, not petroleum-based. After trying the options on the market, I knew I could create something better–and I believe I did.

There is no silver bullet here or special super power embedded in this gun anointing oil. But I will say this: Alpha CLP is all-natural and there is no heating required. You will not experience gumming with Alpha CLP. ALL of the Alpha CLP products have gotten great reviews from professional shooters, and Alpha CLP has quickly made a name for itself. Our products are affordable, and are made in the USA.

I believe once you try Alpha CLP, it will be your first and only choice. God bless and be safe! And thank you for choosing Alpha CLP.


Greg Solt