Alpha CLP is an all natural non-gumming firearm cleaner, lubricant and protectant. Alpha CLP is certified by the United States Department of Agriculture to be over 99% bio-based, and is a USDA bio-preferred product. This vegetable-based product requires no heating, won’t cause gumming, and very little product is needed to be effective.

Vegetable oils do not react with carbon and will lift carbon off metal eliminating the need for solvents. But vegetable oils oxidize and many vegetable-based products cause gumming. That’s where Alpha CLP shines. It took roughly two years to figure out the gumming issue and what causes it. Alpha CLP can maintain its bio-based certification without compromising it’s all natural status, while delivering a product that will safely and effectively clean, lubricate and protect your firearms.

Alpha CLP takes very little to do the job. It is very likely this will be the last firearm care product you’ll ever purchase. If you plan on storing your firearm, it is recommended to remove any petroleum-based product before using Alpha CLP. If you shoot often, a couple of cleanings with Alpha CLP will remove the previous product. We believe once you try Alpha CLP it will be your first and only choice.

How to Apply Alpha CLP

Always make sure firearm is unloaded and adhere to 10 Commandments of Firearm Safety.

This is a natural product; however we recommend the use of gloves and safety glasses. Keep away from children and pets.

New firearms and firearms treated with petroleum products need to be stripped of the petroleum-based product. Use Alpha Stripper/Cleaner to prep firearm for Alpha CLP.

Apply Alpha CLP sparingly; a little goes along way. Swab on slide and rails in and out of firearm.

Rub in and wipe off any excess or puddling.

After firearm use for practice or duty, safety check and disassemble for cleaning. Remember to use gloves and safety glasses. Use a nylon brush with a cleaning cloth. Try to get most of the residue inside the barrel off, as well as any visible carbon.

Swab inside barrel and chamber with Alpha CLP and set aside. Swab entire firearm sparingly with Alpha CLP. Scrub with nylon brush and wipe clean. Clean barrel with copper brush and swab until clean. Wipe off any excess or puddling. Reassemble firearm and wipe clean.